We want to take on the burden of making sure that your guests never go thirsty while at your event. We want to be your full-service beverage catering company that takes care of everything beer, wine, soda, seltzer, juice, water or (insert liquid here) related. Often, there are many different people involved in hodge-podging this all together, but we want to make it easy and take care of all of it for you. The average cost and headache of all of this can be outstanding when pieced together, so we want to lay out approximately how much these things could cost and bundle them together for an easier, cheaper price.

According to the Bridal Association of America, the average guests for a wedding reception is 170. With a fee for the bartender totaling $2,800. This means for every guest, the bartender fee will be $16.50. This is outrageous!

To save money, it is recommended that only beer and wine is served as alcoholic drinks, this can reduce the cost per person from upwards of $33 to approximately $12.

Wine and non-alcoholic drinks, which are two of the most popular choices at weddings in 2019, are a good way to keep your guests happy and costs down. By not introducing expensive liquor and countless mixers, it saves a lot of money overall.

A typical catered event over 100 people spends an average of $60 on ice alone!

According to, a beverage catering service should amount to upwards of 20% of your total wedding spending. We don't like those numbers, especially since the average cost per drink is approximately $5. Take a 150-person wedding for example, one in which 100 of those people have 4-5 drinks, the average cost for this would be $2250. WOW!

We don't want you to break the bank for your event! You have enough costs!

Contact us so we can work with you and get you a quote that will work with your budget.